Luxury Items pick


I use many different brands for my designs such as Louis Vuitton or Max Mara. The sky is the limit with any good quality leather goods. Some items will be more limited to design on (because of their complex shape), but everything can be customized. If you send me your design, please make sure that the item is 100%. It doesn’t matter what the brand is as long as the leather isn’t synthetic.







At the opposite of 88th Co. that is mainly inspired by military design, Ô Porteur is a way for me to create any different subject I like, for example: anime, French and Belgium comic books, cars, sports, technology, etc. I only pick subject that I deeply enjoy!






Painting Method:



I always do a digital hand painted version of the item on Photoshop. Later, I hand paint everything on the canvas (fabric or leather). It does take many hours to research, draw, paint and dry the design on the canvas. I use different tools to make my paintings: Angelus Paint, brushes, markers and airbrush.

Your Item is unique!


Goodbye, mass production! And welcome to unique art pieces! Each item is exclusive! You won’t find anything like it anywhere!




I do spend many hours on these unique bags and I do hand paint everything. Please send me a message for a free quote!

Why Ô Porteur?


Ô Porteur is a French expression that means: the one that wears it.  I created it to bring together my love for contemporary art and more. Ô Porteur is designed to focus on customizing luxury items.


Who am I?


My name is Sonia T., I’m a digital artist and graphic designer. I always had this big passion for custom design.

Ô Porteur and 88th Co. are my canvases for my geeky passions! Enjoy!







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