Having your customized leather or fabric bags take things to the next level! You can add the designs that you want and you'll really stand out! Please make sure to read my policy before filling up the form.




1. I can customize your own or new leather goods as long it's 100% leather, this will guarantee that the design will stick for a lifetime.


2. Leather goods examples:  any big brands bags, leather wallets, leather jackets, shoes, etc. To be sure please email me any time. All the purchases prices will be included in the final painted item.


3. I can also customize your own or new/vintage fabric goods as long as the fabric and color are compatible for hand painting.


4. Compatible fabrics: cotton, linen and wool. You will have to send me a picture of the bag before customization to be sure it's compatible. Or I can buy a new item for you. All the purchases prices will be included in the final painted item.


5. Front and back nudity is not allowed. I will accept some limited nudity (example: nose art and it will depend on the design), but I will have to validate them first. Cute and sweet is acceptable. This rule also applies to racist and religious drawings. I won't paint any offensive picture. Please email me if you have any question. My job is not to be affiliated with any group; my goal is to create art that fun, respectful and cool.


6. I reserve the right to reject a project if I feel that it doesn't fit my brand's culture: which is peaceful and respectful.


7. Again, to be sure please email me and we can discuss it.


8. Time is the essence and it applies to my work. Each custom project can take a few weeks to make. Since each project is different, after assessing your project, I will give you a n exact schedule for the project. I also give weekly updates.


9. Why does it so long? It takes patience, research, deglazing, painting, drying, painting few extra coats, glazing to finally get the perfect result. I also will have different project being done at the same time. So please be patient. If you're planning to customize a bag for a specific event, please plan this is in advance. I would be glad to help.


10. Precise pictures are very important to make your custom item beautiful and authentic! If you want me to create something unique such as a character or a symbol, I can do that too! I also have the chance to get to know you! Which is a gift! I will make sure to bring out your personality and story on the piece that I make for you and that's priceless.


11. I offer to you years of expertise in design! So please use me well and with respect. I will advice you with all the design steps and make sure you get the best piece you can ever have! That's my priority!


12. Payment will be determined by the amount of work that needs to be done on your item. A custom varies on the project, so please email me for a quote.


13. Once you’re sure of you want I will do an assessment of the time and work that will be done, I will send you a Paypal invoice and once you paid I will start to work on your special bag.  Please be aware that last minute additions are not allowed. I don't mind adding something small details, but it will be extra charge. Some details can’t be added, because leather is not an easy canvas to work on. So be a 100% sure!


14. Shipping will be included. I use UPS or DHL. Depending on your location in the world, the rate will change. All my items are shipped from Dubai, UEA.


15. Returns are accepted only if the bag was damaged through shipping. It will be repaired. But since this is a custom item, I can't accept returns. I won't be able to resell it.







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