Surplus Archeology:


I pay close attention to where I get the bags from. I handpick them myself and later wash them with care. I buy through different military surplus sellers around the world.  I also pick vintage items that have written things on them, holes or traces of rust, which make them even more beautiful and authentic. Second, I also paint on luxury leather goods. Military art belong anywhere, as long as it well done!






88th Co. is mainly inspired by military designs from the WWI and WWII. I created my own story around my favorite airplanes and designs I have seen in books or museums. I sometimes do pieces with real historical research, some are just from my imagination. However, you're in good hands, because I'm a little military geek!





Painting Method:


I always do a digital hand painted version of the item on Photoshop. Later, I hand paint everything on the canvas (fabric or leather). It does take many hours to research, draw, paint and dry the design on the canvas. I use different tools to make my paintings: Angelus Paint, brushes, markers and airbrush.

Your Item is unique!


Goodbye, mass production! And welcome to unique art pieces! Each item is exclusive! You won’t find anything like it anywhere!




I do spend many hours on these unique bags and I do hand paint everything. Please send me a message for a free quote!

Why 88th?


I think the number 8 is a cool design on its own. It has many different meaning to people, such as infinity and so on. I love my eights! They are also an homage to very special people in my life!


Who am I?


My name is Sonia T., I’m a digital artist and graphic designer. I always had this big passion for custom design. Ô Porteur and 88th Co. are my canvases for my geeky passions! Enjoy!



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